Weight Management

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Keeping our weight under control is never the easiest thing, especially as we grow older and our metabolism slows down. Illness, injury and periods of low mood can all lead to problems with weight, so stocking up on natural products for weight management is a good idea if you're concerned about weight gain becoming a problem. Of course, central to healthy weight management is always a sensible, balanced diet. But if you know where to look, there are trusted, natural weight loss products that can give you a little boost and help to keep you on track.

Slimming teas and weight management capsules

Slimming teas are an exceedingly popular tool in modern weight loss kits, and we can heartily recommend Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea, which features a potent, traditional blend of senna, whorled mallow and liquorice root. It's been used in China for centuries as a gentle, effective way to support the process of weight loss when combined with a healthy, balanced diet. We've also got you covered with weight management capsules: Pharma Nord's Bio-Ubiquinol Active QH is a great tool for boosting your energy levels and metabolism - both key in any successful weight-loss programme.

Going about it the right way

Because we are trained naturopathic nutritionists, we only support the healthiest routes to weight loss. Crash diets are generally not sustainable and they can have a significantly negative impact on our ongoing health, so the only way to achieve natural weight loss is by consuming a healthy diet that's packed with goodness and adding in the odd supplement to boost your results. After all, results are what keep us going on any challenging journey.