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Bring on the holiday! But, please, not the bugs... Balmy, lazy evenings are a real tonic for the soul, but mosquitoes have a canny knack of attacking while you're relaxing, leaving you with painful, itchy bites that look and feel terrible. Plus those angry red welts can be prone to infection, and can get 10 times worse before they get better. So keep those little critters at bay by investing in all-natural, effective mosquito-repellent products from Natural Health & Beauty.

Bug-free breaks

Before you head off on your holiday, make sure your suitcase is well stocked with insect and mosquito repellent, or you might end up regretting it. By shopping with Natural Health & Beauty, you are tapping into the very best that nature has to offer, as we only stock chemical-free natural repellent products for your peace of mind. Some insect repellents can be quite harsh on the skin and, as we naturally inhale a little when applying (especially to our face and upper body), pretty unpleasant on your insides, too. So invest in pure, natural products to make sure you keep the mozzies at bay without compromising your skin and body's health.

Talk to the experts

If you're unsure about which natural repellent products are right for you and your family, we're on hand to help. Our company was founded (and is still run) by trained naturopathic nutritionists, so organic goodness is always the name of our game. Call us on 0208 191 7033 or drop your questions on an email to and we'll happily help out.