Natural Face Care

Our age always shows in our face first, so it's critical to maintain a healthy, natural skin care routine from an early age. Well-cared-for skin will continue to exude a healthy glow no matter how old we get, as long as it's being cared for with the right products in the right ways. Browse the selection from Natural Health & Beauty and stock up your bathroom cabinet with entirely chemical-free, natural face products designed to give your facial skin the nourishment and protection it needs - and deserves.

Facial oils, creams and lotions

Any good daily skin care routine should combine several different face care products to combat different facial skin issues. Soothing, hydrating facial oils are blissful products to use at the end of a stressful day, and an invigorating day cream is a great way to prep your skin for the long day ahead. Choose hydrating overnight natural face products (like the Wild Rose Night Cream from Weleda or MyChelle's Revitalizing Night Cream) to let your skin rejuvenate itself while you sleep, and keep a sweet-smelling lavender spray in your bag at all times for a skin-sanitising, refreshing boost whenever you need it.

Face care products from the experts

When it comes to feeding your skin with the best natural skin care products, the team at Natural Health & Beauty is loaded with professional experience. We personally test out every single product before we decide to stock it, as part of our unwavering commitment to providing you with the very best. Using these naturally sourced products is the best choice you can make for the sensitive, delicate skin on your face.