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Starting the day with a natural skin care routine is always a good idea, but how can you protect and refresh your face on the go? Our range of facial mists and toners is a great way to deliver hydrating nourishment directly to the sensitive skin on your face, keeping it looking toned and healthy whenever you fancy a pick-me-up. Facial mists and toners are great for brightening up your complexion and keep your skin looking fresh from dawn to dusk.

Face value

Our face is the first place to give away our age, so it's important to invest in its ongoing health with the finest, most natural products. Pukka's natural rose water spray has always been an enduring bestseller. Developed by the original masters of herbal tea, this natural rose water is perfect for keeping with you in warm weather, to spritz your face, cool you down and tone up your facial skin. If you have skin that's prone to breakouts (acne, pimples and whiteheads), the refreshing Activ Liquid Spray from Salcura is created with a multi-action anti-bacterial formula for amazing skin-balancing benefits. You can use it on any breakout area, as the spray gives a great, wide coverage.

Tone and refresh

By incorporating a facial mist into your everyday routine, you're feeding your skin with the best and maintaining healthy natural pH levels. All of our products are completely natural and free of nasty toxins and chemicals, so you can always shop with total confidence at Natural Health & Beauty. If you're not sure which product is right for your unique skin, call us on 0208 191 7033 and we'll gladly talk you through the options.