L Glutamine

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Paramount for healthy muscle growth and repair following exercise, L glutamine is an amino acid (a building block for protein) that is naturally found in the body, roughly making up about 60% of our muscles’ amino acid pool. Whether you're a dedicated fitness fanatic or you just want to improve your general wellbeing, having sufficient levels of L glutamine (or glutamine) in your body is always worth focusing on.

Why take L Glutamine Tablets?

In general, most healthy individuals produce enough L glutamine within their muscles without any problems at all. However, occasionally the production of this amino acid can be interrupted or blocked – whether caused as a result of surgery, through infection or from working out a little too hard! By taking L glutamine supplements, you're giving your body a little extra boost of what it needs for essential muscle growth and repair.

In addition, taking L glutamine supplements can increase your endurance, improve your immune system and leave you with a stronger heart and healthier mentality. Certain key foods such as beef, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy are great natural sources of L glutamine, but taking L glutamine capsules and tablets ensures top amino acid health without having to change your diet too radically.

Our L Glutamine Tablets

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