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Silky, smooth skin feels so good and, considering we use them for just about everything, silky, smooth hands feel even better. Whether you apply hand cream every time you wash your hands or once a day as part of your daily routine, the positive effects of hand cream are pretty instant. However, imagine going one better. Imagine knowing that not only is the hand cream you’re using reducing general dryness, but it’s taking good care of your skin and the environment, too. By choosing an organic hand cream, you're off to a great start.

Keeping clean with natural hand cream

Washing our hands regularly has been instilled in us since an early age, but for some reason using hand cream hasn't been preached quite so readily. We believe that lathering up a premium hand cream at every opportunity is a no-brainer, effectively reducing the chances of your skin becoming rough or cracking as a result of day-to-day activities or excessive exposure to the sun or cold.

Made using natural ingredients, completely free from harsh chemicals and parabens and good for both the skin and environment, organic hand cream is an even wiser choice, reducing the chance of experiencing skin redness, itching or general irritation after use. We recommend natural hand cream use to everybody, but it's particularly good for those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain chemicals.

It's all in hand

We only stock products we'd happily use ourselves, so you'll only find the very best in Natural Health & Beauty's catalogue. And we make sure we only work with brands whose ethics and processes are in line with our own.