Body Moisturisers

Choosing the right body care products is critical if you want to take good long-term care of your skin. Many products on today's market have been refined in various different ways, modified with unpleasant toxins and not as organic as our delicate skin craves. By shopping with Natural Health & Beauty, you're enjoying direct access to the finest, most natural products that money can buy. And, by applying these high-quality products to your skin, you're feeding it with the very best ingredients and investing in long-lasting skin health.

Made with nature's best

We only stock natural body moisturisers so from delightfully creamy cocoa butter formulations to replenishing sea buckthorn and calendula, you'll find body care products for the entire family in our extensive collection. If you're suffering with dry, rough skin, Weleda's Skin Food is fantastic for nourishing and hydrating your skin. For all-round skin care, Trilogy's Everything Balm is a constant bestseller for our regular customers.

Supplied with knowledge

At Natural Health & Beauty, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what goes into every single product we supply. Our commitment to providing you with all-natural products never wavers, so you can rest assured that your order will be totally organic and completely free of damaging chemicals. Browse our extensive selection of body moisturisers to find the perfect formulation for your skin, and talk to us on 0208 191 7033 if you have questions.