23 Oct

Vitamin D – Necessary for Overall Health – and Disease Prevention

Vitamin D is a life-saver.  While we may be able to get much of it from direct sunlight – it’s absorbed through our skin – it’s also important that we balance our diets rich in the vitamin or ensure that we take multivitamin supplements on a regular basis.  You may already be getting enough if you’re the sort of person that gets out and about in the warm a fair amount – but how will you know if you’re deficient in the element – and why is it important to supplement from time to time?

Vitamin D supplements are essential for those people who may already be suffering from weak bones or muscles, as well as those who may be experiencing associated pain and stiffness on a regular basis.  While it’s an element that can be widely found in nature and in a wide variety of foodstuffs, vitamin supplements can help ensure that you’re receiving enough – or an enhanced boost – of the nutrient.  Those people suffering from extreme Vitamin D deficiency may have bone deformities or even rickets, a disorder that can develop due to under mineralising of body tissue.

It’s always important to have a regular health check with your local GP or nurse, even if you’re not experiencing muscle, joint or bone problems – or even aches and pains.  A licensed professional will be able to advise you what, if anything, you may be deficient in – and how you can go about raising your levels.  Keep an eye on your diet – get plenty of fresh air and sunlight where you can, too – and, of course, top up on Vitamin D supplements if necessary.

Supplementing should never be used as a replacement for a healthy diet, but even those of us with balanced eating and drinking habits can do with a pick-me-up from time to time.  Vitamin supplements aren’t just available for those who are considerably deficient in certain nutrients – they’re designed and produced to be supporting agents in helping even the healthiest among us maintain good levels of health and overall wellbeing.

Take it from us – Vitamin D supplements are extremely important if you are concerned about your muscle, bone or tissue health.  In the first instance, always consult a GP, and a dietician if you are looking to make safe changes – but supplements will always be available to give you a boost whenever you need it.

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