27 Oct

Foods for Natural Sun Protection

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While the sun may have gone away in the UK until, say, March – unless we get a nice surprise – those of us who enjoy holidaying in the sun are always looking for ways to protect ourselves against those powerful rays.  Sun creams and lotions come in all forms and figures – but there are some more natural ways to combat the potentially harmful effects that the sun can have on your skin and body in general.  From skin care products to dietary changes, there’s a wealth of ways you can make sure you’re fully prepared to take on the sun wherever you may be.

Let’s talk about Vitamin C – everyone knows about this one – and it’s a keen ingredient in many natural skin care products.  This is because it’s a nutrient that can help fight against the development of cancer, making it a real warrior that you should be getting plenty of on a regular basis.  Extreme exposure to the sun may result in melanomas – or skin cancers – meaning that a top-up on Vitamin C will protect you against the risk of developing anything nasty while you’re topping up your tan.

Spirulina, too, is regarded as one of the best ingredients you can find in natural sun protection.  It’s a great source of antioxidants, meaning that it can be depended upon to help sweep up any toxic nastiness that can be brought on by harmful external influences.  Believe it or not, dark chocolate, too, makes for great sun defense. The antioxidants in cocoa enable consumers to combat and withstand heavy UV rays – meaning that you may do well you chomp down on some natural chocolate while applying that sunscreen the next time you hit the beach.

Natural skin care products aside, sunscreen is always important.  Balance your sun protection regime with skin care products that are kind to your skin and are free from harmful chemicals –as well as a diet rich in antioxidants and more besides.  Natural HB has a range of sun-busting skin helpers along with supplements to help protect you against the heat – why should you forgo a nice, relaxing trip to the beach for fear of being damaged by the rays you’re trying to catch?  Count on us for natural skin care products, sunscreen and supplements to help you safely soak up the sun no matter where you may be in the world!

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