22 Aug

5 Tips You Need To Know About Thyroid Medication

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Millions of people taking thyroid tablets each and every day to ensure that their thyroid glands and associated problems are kept in check – but there are a number of things you need to be aware of when undertaking a course of this kind of medication – such as when to take your tablets, and how pregnancy nutrition can come into play during gestation.

Medication Monitoring
Thyroid tablets of all kinds can bring on a number of symptoms if you are under or over prescribed. This means that you will need to keep a close eye on your overall health and any sudden changes in your body or behaviour while on a certain course. It is essential that you discuss your course of medication with your doctor – as you may need to undergo certain tests if it is determined that a course is not working for you.

Don’t Switch Brands
In line with the above – thyroid tablets come in all doses and brands. This means that they have the ability to cause significant changes in your body’s hormonal state. Balance this with improper pregnancy nutrition – if relevant to you – and you could end up feeling very unwell indeed. Make sure you stick to the brands you’ve been introduced to wherever possible.

Talk To Your Doctor About Other Medications You Take
This point is a no-brainer – if you fail to disclose certain information to your GP or doctor about medications you may already be taking, you may risk being placed on thyroid tablets which negatively interfere with your current intake. If you want to avoid the risk of falling ill, always be up front with your doctor.

Be Consistent
Always make sure you stick to the recommended dosage and complete any courses you have been prescribed. Deviating from a pattern outlined by a medical professional may result in you becoming ill or risking the thyroid tablets failing to work – meaning that discipline is always key.

Pregnancy and Thyroid
Pregnancy nutrition will always be advised to you by a GP – and if you are set to take on a course of thyroid medication, you’ll be advised the best course of action to take to avoid severe mis-balancing in hormones. Once again, if you are pregnant or are looking to conceive, it is essential that you discuss your needs and current medical profile with your doctor beforehand.

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