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While the sun may have gone away in the UK until, say, March – unless we get a nice surprise – those of us who enjoy holidaying in the sun are always looking for ways to protect ourselves against those powerful rays.  Sun creams and lotions come in all forms and figures – but there are some more natural ways to combat the potentially harmful effects that the sun can have on your skin and body in general.  From skin care products to dietary changes, there’s a wealth of ways you can make sure you’re fully prepared to take on the sun wherever you may be.

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Vitamin D is a life-saver.  While we may be able to get much of it from direct sunlight – it’s absorbed through our skin – it’s also important that we balance our diets rich in the vitamin or ensure that we take multivitamin supplements on a regular basis.  You may already be getting enough if you’re the sort of person that gets out and about in the warm a fair amount – but how will you know if you’re deficient in the element – and why is it important to supplement from time to time?

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Everyone knows that protein is a really big deal when it comes to basic nutrition – in fact, it can be argued that too much of it is never a big thing.  It’s a popular staple of body supplements – and, alongside vitamin supplements, it’s one of our most popular draws in our online store.  Here’s five reasons why we think protein – and multivitamin supplements – are always worth a second look.

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Without a simple balance of food and water, we won’t operate – it’s as straightforward as that.  However, as health food fans and researchers alike will already know, our bodies are more than a little bit more complex than we’re letting on here.  We need complex diets rich in nutrients – minerals, vitamins and more besides – to be able to operate healthily on a daily basis.  From brain function to energy levels and more besides, multivitamin supplements and energy supplements can help to revitalise your body and mind in no time at all – no matter what tasks you may have lining up on your plate.

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It’s a common misnomer that all bacteria is bad – in fact, we’ve been making use of ‘good bacteria’ for quite some time now! You may have noticed the rise of certain yoghurt drinks and supplements offering various probiotics and digestive properties over the past few years – this is because there was a huge boom in probiotic research which has led to the relief of many digestive problems for thousands of sufferers all over the world. Our natural health products aim to boost bodily health and function as much as possible

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